Let’s build a world without prisons

In line with diverse work we've done over the past could of years - including a noise demo outside HMP Doncaster, vigil at Strangeways, occupation of Lend Lease prison profiteers' offices, workshops, writing articles, writing to trans prisoners, networking, fundraising for a ring-fenced trans prisoner solidarity fund, blockading police at pride marches and more - it'd be good to have prison abolition enshrined in policy, alongside our policy against police.

Prisons are racist, capitalist, gender oppressive institutions which cage our poorest and most exploited siblings. Hate crime legislation doesn't protect us, only pays lip service whilst bolstering the mythology that prisons exist to keep us safe. There is no rehabilitation, only individualisation of structural problems and reproduction of the patriarchal capitalist violence done unto us. Meanwhile we are jailed for survival and self-defence, disempowered and robbed of our autonomy.

Any work we undertaken by Action for Trans Health must be mindful of the inherent harms of prison: we cannot accept superficial "improvements" which expand the prison industrial complex (eg building new prisons "safe" for trans people) or carceral responses to gendered violence. Reforms are only acceptable as steps towards dismantling prisons altogether - ones which reduce the number of people incarcerated and build up services such as healthcare and housing to solve root problems like poverty.