Trans people experience higher than average rates of poverty, homelessness, precarity and mental illness.

Our strategy is to challenge this, both in an immediate sense (people need support right now) but also in a systemic sense (capitalism uses oppressive ideas to entrench exploitation and inequality)
We want to pursue a diversity of tactics to approach this.
Co-operatives, and mutual aid, are means of holding assets/wealth/capacity in common. Whilst not outside of capitalism, they are nevertheless means of a) ensuring that surplus and wealth are democratically controlled and b) opportunities to develop more effective cultures of interaction/co-operation.
In order for ATH/ trans people to challenge the systemic realities of our oppression we need to build long-term capacity.

For ATH to foster the development of ideas and practices involved in co-operatives and mutual aids in its skillshares.
For ATH to network/connect trans people involved in co-ops and mutual aid.
For ATH to initiate a research working party into the feasibility/ needs assessment of a trans health cooperative.