Spring 2017 Solidarity Fund is Now Open!

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The Action for Trans Health Solidarity Fund is now open for applications. The deadline is 9th April 2017. Throughout the year, we raise money to help trans and gender variant people who for whatever reason cannot access healthcare treatment through the NHS in a timely manner. We know that the trans healthcare system is in… Read more »

Our response to the Trans Inquiry Recommendations

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Today the Women and Equalities Select Committee released its report on its recent inquiry into transgender equality. The Inquiry heard written and oral evidence from trans individuals and organisations, including from Action for Trans Health, on various areas of life which affects trans people. Their report can be found here. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised… Read more »

Solidarity Fund Now Open for Applications

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Our solidarity fund is now open for applications. The deadline for applications is the 15th November 2015. Who can apply? We are offering small grants for to help UK based trans and intersex people access healthcare. Any trans, cure nonbinary, intersex or otherwise gender nonconforming person based in the UK can apply. We have a… Read more »

Around the Toilet / Postcards for Toilet Campaigns

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Are you campaigning for a gender-neutral toilet in your school, campus or workplace? Against closures to public toilets in your town-centre? For you workplace to improve the accessibility of its toilets? You’re in luck. Recently Action for Trans Health has collaborated on the Around the Toilet project, with campaigners from the Greater Manchester Coalition of… Read more »

Healthcare is a right, not a prize

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You wouldnt catch me in a beauty pageant anytime soon, but I don’t knock the women for whom that is a thing they wanna do. But Miss Transgender UK’s first prize of gender confirmation surgery has left me speechless. Jess Bradley writes A few days ago the Miss Transgender UK facebook page posted an update detailing… Read more »

On gay marriage and the crisis of queer relevance

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Recently I was invited to speak on “the future of LGBT activism” at Manchester’s Political Pride. I was on the panel with Hope Winter-Hall, an original member of the UK Gay Liberation Front; Florence Okoye; member of the AfroFutures collective; and Alex Young, a trans activist and Christian. Hope talked about some of the tactics… Read more »

Launch of Around the Toilet Project

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The toilet is often thought to be a mundane space, but for those who lack adequate or accessible toilet provision on a daily basis, toilets become a crucial practical issue which can create and reaffirm feelings of exclusion and regulation. Disabled people, for example, frequently report that ‘accessible’ toilets are not accessible enough, while other… Read more »

First Funding Round Deadline

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Action for Trans Health raise money to give small grants to facilitate individual trans people’s access to healthcare. We’ve saved up enough money to give away at least £1000 in the first funding round. We will make the application form available on the 29th May 2015, and the deadline for applications will be set for… Read more »

What the election results might mean for trans people

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It would be a lie to suggest that I feel anything but devastated by the election results. A New Labour government are not much more than a millimetre away from their friends in the tory party, but even the smallest of differences save lives. Surveying the wreckage, Jess Bradley examines what might be in store… Read more »

Theres no place like home…

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An anonymous Action for Trans Health member talks about their experiences of being vulnerably housed and the relationship between housing and trans health. Content notes: transphobia, ableism, bullying, harassment, homelessness, mention of emotional abuse I’m running out of money to pay my rent. Last year, I was homeless and/or in emergency accommodations for six months…. Read more »