Run for Action for Trans Health’s National Committee!

Do you want to get involved with Action for Trans Health on a national level, help support and steer the radical movement for democratic trans healthcare? You should run for a place on Action for Trans Health National Committee!

Committee are responsible for: organising our annual conference and democratic functions, ensuring that the core work of Action for Trans Health functions, co-ordinating campaigns and other work between chapters, any day-to-day decisions that need to take place  between conferences. Committee members are expected to devote at least 3 hours a week to Action for Trans Health work. You can put yourself forward for election by filling in this form. The deadline for nominations is 5pm on Nov 5th, 2017. There will then be an online ballot of the membership to determine who is elected.

This year we will be electing:

  • Open Place – 2 year term, anyone who is trans, non-binary, or intersex can stand;
  • Women’s Place – 2 year term,  open to trans, non-binary, or intersex people who are women or identity includes ‘woman’ part of the time.
  • People of Colour – 2 year term, open to all  trans, non-binary, or intersex people of colour
  • People of Colour – 1 year term, open to all  trans, non-binary, or intersex people of colour
  • Non-binary – 2 year term, open to all non-binary people.
  • Disabled – 2 year term, open to all disabled trans, non-binary, or intersex people
  • Disabled – 1 year term, open to all disabled trans, non-binary, or intersex people

These protected roles are to ensure that the committee is representative of a variety of experiences and needs within trans communities and to attempt to address the issues of inequality in appointment and representation as a result of structural racism, sexism, cissexism and disablism.
The protected roles are not meant to be prescriptive in terms of what committee members can focus on, e.g. it is not expected that a committee member elected to a non-binary place will focus on non-binary issues. Instead, committee members should focus on the issue they have been elected to focus on, such as prison abolition, advocacy, or acting as membership secretary.

It is expected that people who run for committee roles will consider what skills and experience they can bring to the role and how they see their time on committee being spent. Candidates may like to focus their candidacy around one of the following areas:
• Fundraising

• Campaigning and direct action

• Advocacy


•Website and digital media

•Administration and back office support


•Mutual solidarity

•Capacity and resilience building

2 Replies to “Run for Action for Trans Health’s National Committee!”

  1. Fundraising and Campaigning and direct action would be a pleasure to work within Action for Trans health organisation.

  2. Re Vikki Thompson – you should demonstrate outside Yorkshire Mesmac they are just as responsible as the prison service for her death. Mesmac had a worker ” supporting” vikki but he had no knowledge of Trans law. No one at Mesmac reached out to a Trans organisation. Trans women in prison was so current at the time, Tara had just been transferred to female prison. But because Mesmac failed to educate their staff and failed to accept that local trans groups had more knowledge than their cis gendered employees Vikki was left incorrectly supported

    Good luck with your work

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