Please send us details of your trans-friendly GP

Many people find that their GP can be a massive help, or hindrance to, accessing healthcare. Whether it is having easy access to transition related healthcare, knowing that your GP will be sensitive about examinations, or being able to go for an appointment about a cold and not having to talk about transition if you don’t want to – having a good GP is really important. Because of this, we have put together a list of trans*-friendly GPs. But, we need you to upload details of your trans*-friendly GP to make this happen!

How does it work?

If you have a trans*-friendly GP and you want to put the on the list, please fill in this short form. The form will automatically upload the results onto the list. This is for trans*-friendly GPs only, so please don’t use the form to make complaints about a particular GP – we don’t want to get sued, and we are currently working on a process for dealing with dodgy GPs. We will also add the details of any GPs that have successfully completed any of our training courses on trans* issues.

An important disclaimer

As this list is open for anyone to contribute to, it is obviously open to abuse. In addition to this, peoples perceptions of “trans*-friendly” might be radically different from yours, and a GP’s bedside manner might be variable. The list is always going to be incomplete too, as not everyone will get chance to upload their GPs on here. As such, this list should be seen as a starting place for looking for a trans*-friendly GP but not the be all and end all.

The list 

Here is our list of trans*-friendly GPs. If you have had a bad experience with any of the GPs or practices on this list and you think they should be removed, please email jess[at]

6 Replies to “Please send us details of your trans-friendly GP”

  1. Dr Phillippa James,
    Cornbrook Surgery (Boundary Medical Practice)
    Booth Street East, Hulme

    The above doctor is both trans friendly and a decent human being.

    1. The practice seems to have moved to City Road, which is near the intersection of Royce Road & Chorlton Road in the northwest corner of Hulme (I say “seems to” because I only discovered it exists as a result of Jesse’s comment, and found out it had moved by googling it. I’ll be transferring there from Brooks Bar as soon as I can though 🙂 )

  2. Dr Jacob,
    Millbank Surgery,
    Water Street
    ST16 2AG

    I been seen them since moving to Stafford they don’t know much but are willing listen and try understand. Nice GP’s and willing to do meds and blood test under guidance of GIC.

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