Paid positions available on our funding panel

As part of Action for Trans Health’s work, we raise money to give small grants to UK-based trans individuals in order to help facilitate their access to health care. As demand for grants will always outweigh supply, grants will be allocated to those with the greatest need. We are looking to recruit three people to sit on our funding panel whose job it will be to allocate grants from our solidarity fund to applicants.

The successful candidates will be organised, work well with others, and be able to demonstrate an understanding of systemic oppressions such as racism, ableism, and trans-misogyny. We are particularly keen on hearing from women, people of colour, disabled people, non-binary people, working class people and people from other marginalised groups within the community. We are only looking for applicants who define as trans or have a trans history.

The panel will meet remotely via skype/google hangouts to allocate funds to applicants a 1-4 times a year (dependant on how much money we manage to raise). It is expected that these meetings will take approximately 3-5 hours. For this time, you will be remunerated at £10 per hour. Each term of office lasts one year.

If successful, it is expected that you will not be applying for a grant from the solidarity fund. It is also expected that you will declare any conflicts of interest (for example, if you know that friends or family members are applying to the fund) before each meeting. We will not be publishing the names of people elected to the funding panel and we will keep your application details for this role confidential within Action for Trans Health’s board of trustees.

Please fill in this application form to apply for the role.

Application Deadline: Monday 23nd of March 2015 at 9pm.
If you have any other questions about the role please contact

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  1. Hello, I think I’d be a good position for this since I have waited around 7 years to get to Charring cross, I will be having an appointment soon (I was in the system and then I was chucked out and had to start again) I transitioned four years ago and still take medication from the internet or from friends. I have done work with the Joyce Leyland LGBT centre before managing events for trans action and the afternoon tea/mermaids sessions held there. ta

    1. Hello, if you would like to apply for this role then please fill in the application form linked in the article – comments aren’t really a good format for this sort of thing! Thanks.

      1. Oops.. yes that makes more sense, I did think it was a short form.. I have now completed a proper application, ta

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