Join Action for Trans Health today and you will be joining a community of people dedicated to fighting for a democratic trans healthcare system, one which takes action to secure gains for trans people at a local and national level, as well as organising a solidarity fund for trans people in need.

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Action for Trans Health is a democratic campaign which is ran by its members in local chapters and nationally. Join today and you will be able to help set our priorities, come to our conference and connect with trans activists from across the country, and receive invitations to local and national events.

If you can afford to pay regular membership payments, this money will go directly to trans people who need financial support to access healthcare. Our suggested membership dues are below:

.                             For trans members                                  For cis members
Low waged:             £1 per month                                             £2 per month
Medium waged:       £4 per month                                             £5 per month
High waged:            £10 per month                                           £12 per month

Joining means you agree to the following mission statement:

“Action for Trans Health is a grassroots organisation fighting for democratic trans healthcare and trans liberation. We believe in the principles of mutual aid, education, and solidarity and this is reflected in the training and fundraising work that we do. We believe that trans people come from all walks of life: we are working class, we are black, we are disabled, we are LGB, we are women. As such, for trans liberation to be achieved we need to also be actively fight against all forms of bigotry and build coalitions with other groups with progressive aims.”

Joining takes a couple of minutes and involves filling in this short form below. Your membership will be confirmed when we receive notice of your dues being paid, unless you have notified us in the form below that you are not paying dues. You can pay membership dues by setting up a regular payment via paypal (below) or emailing us at info[at] to explore other payment options. If individual membership isn’t for you, remember you can also choose to Remember you can also choose to affiliate your group or society to Action for Trans Health as well.

Pay Membership

Help us to provide access to essential healthcare today.


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