Throughout the year, we raise money which is then given away as small grants to trans people to help facilitate access to healthcare.

We take a broad view of health. We know there are a wide number of things that can effect trans people’s healthcare, and so we don’t have any rules about what the money can be used for. In the past we have paid for initial appointments with private providers, for electrolysis, for therapy sessions, and more. Our only ask is that if the money is being used to access medication which will be needed long-term, that the applicant has thought about how to secure the long-term supply after the grant money has been spent.

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It is an open fund, meaning that all trans and gender variant people can apply. A proportion of the fund is ringfenced for people of colour. We are not currently taking applications, please check back soon to find out when we open another funding round for applications.

Update on the April fund for trans people of colour: We allocated £4000 of grants to trans people of colour.