Call out for responses on difficulty accessing Gender Identity Services

Healthwatch England included a request for information on any difficulties people were having accessing gender identify services. If you are willing to share your experiences (anonymously is fine) please get in touch with them and they will use these experiences help inform the national discussion.

The call out is as follows:

“Have you come across problems with Gender Identity Services?

We want to know if you have found out about difficulties for anyone in accessing gender identity services. This will inform our feedback to NHS England.  Healthwatch Telford and Wrekin and Healthwatch Torbay have raised concerns around waiting times and funding for gender reassignment surgery. If you have any evidence you would like us to include, please email us”

The email address to send your comments to Healthwatch is enquiries[@] Please put Gender Identity Services responses in the subject line.

If you want Action for Trans* Health to support you in making a complaint about the service, hospital please copy in info[@] and we will be in touch.

2 Replies to “Call out for responses on difficulty accessing Gender Identity Services”

  1. The system involves having the strength and conviction to argue ones way through it. This is exactly the opposite of what is needed. I to the stage of having to start a new case about accessing voice training after spending g most of this year waiting, my local hospital in Dorchester turning me down for treatment and no clear solutions coming forward from the Laurels. This came on the back of a complaint sorted out through PALs about the start of hormonal treatment and appointment delays at the beginning of the year. There was never any question about my diagnosis but i really don’t know if I will ever reach or have the strength to fight for surgery. Clinicians don’t seem to understand that this is a life threatening condition. The system is too focused on wasting scarce resources on unnecessary psychiatric involvement rather than genuine medical treatment. There is more reason for psychiatric engagement with many of the girls that I know than setting a psychiatrist to work on a cancer patient to prove that they are not a hypochondriac. To treat potentially venerable people in this way is completely unacceptable.

    1. I live in Poole, I too have tried to get voice therapy and have been refused, it seems that funding is not available to Transsexuals, if as stutterer I required it there would not be a problem, friends of mine that live in adjacent counties to Dorset apparently obtain it without any problems. It seems that Dorset lives in the dark ages as far as the transgenderd person is concerned. I am considering writing to my MP on just this issue.


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