Alternative Trans Day of Remembrance 2015 Manchester

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Join us to remember those we have lost from transphobic violence, discrimination and harassment. Organised by trans people, for trans people (although respectful cis allies are welcome). Please bring candles with jam jars to hold them in, and flowers if you can afford them. We will be collecting donations to cover the cost of putting… Read more »

Solidarity Fund Now Open for Applications

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Our solidarity fund is now open for applications. The deadline for applications is the 15th November 2015. Who can apply? We are offering small grants for to help UK based trans and intersex people access healthcare. Any trans, cure nonbinary, intersex or otherwise gender nonconforming person based in the UK can apply. We have a… Read more »

Upcoming: Activist Training Day and AGM

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Join Action for Trans Health for an exciting weekend of activist training, adiposity plotting, and networking with awesome trans activists. On the 21st Nov we will be having an activist training day: learn about organising for democratic healthcare, taking direct action, healthcare advocacy, and more… including an open mic night in the evening. On the… Read more »

Around the Toilet / Postcards for Toilet Campaigns

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Are you campaigning for a gender-neutral toilet in your school, campus or workplace? Against closures to public toilets in your town-centre? For you workplace to improve the accessibility of its toilets? You’re in luck. Recently Action for Trans Health has collaborated on the Around the Toilet project, with campaigners from the Greater Manchester Coalition of… Read more »

Autumn 2015 Funding Round Announced

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We are really happy to announce that we will be opening applications for a new round of solidarity funding on the 29th October 2015 (deadline: 15th November 2015). This fund will be allocated to trans (including non-binary) and intersex people to help them access healthcare. At the moment, we have about £1000 in the fund…. Read more »

Healthcare is a right, not a prize

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You wouldnt catch me in a beauty pageant anytime soon, but I don’t knock the women for whom that is a thing they wanna do. But Miss Transgender UK’s first prize of gender confirmation surgery has left me speechless. Jess Bradley writes A few days ago the Miss Transgender UK facebook page posted an update detailing… Read more »

On gay marriage and the crisis of queer relevance

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Recently I was invited to speak on “the future of LGBT activism” at Manchester’s Political Pride. I was on the panel with Hope Winter-Hall, an original member of the UK Gay Liberation Front; Florence Okoye; member of the AfroFutures collective; and Alex Young, a trans activist and Christian. Hope talked about some of the tactics… Read more »

We gave away £1,646 this Summer: this is where it went

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In our June/July 2015 funding round, we gave away £1,646 to trans people to facilitate access to healthcare. It went to fund or part-fund various things, such as initial assessments with a private doctor, binders and packers, contributions to a post-surgical sick leave, and travel costs to GICs. Heres what one of the recipients said… Read more »

On the politics of inclusion

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Recently I was asked to speak at a panel debate addressing whether or not the LGBT movement is inclusive. What struck me was how the organisers and other panellists were operating on the assumption that inclusion is a good thing, so much so that it seemed like an obvious natural fact which didn’t need qualifying…. Read more »

DIY Trans-feminist Festival, Manchester

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Upcoming DIY trans-feminist festival in Manchester, from the 19-21st of June 2015. Trans people and respectful allies welcome. We are looking for people to contribute workshops and activities, organise debates or skills sharing sessions… get in touch via the booking form with your ideas! In the spirit of DIY, attendees are expected to contribute something… Read more »