New Solidarity Fund Round for People of Colour

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Throughout the year, we raise money to help trans people who for whatever reason cannot access healthcare through the NHS in a reasonable amount of time. We know that the trans healthcare system is pretty broken, and that the people who need support will usually outweigh our ability to fundraise. Because of this, we use… Read more »

Wages for Advocacy

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Without the advocate labour carried out by service users and their accomplices, the current crisis in trans healthcare would be far deeper, Amy Cohn writes ”Wages for Advocacy” is the acknowledgement that our labour is just as – if not more – important than the formal labour of administrators and clinicians to the provision of… Read more »

5 Steps for Improving Trans Access to Survivor Services

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Transgender people face alarmingly high rates of sexual violence yet most trans victims cannot access any kind of support services in the aftermath. This post by Pazuzu Gaylord aims to outline areas where sexual violence survivor services are failing trans people and ways in which we can work to improve them. 1: Training and Advocacy… Read more »

Our response to the Trans Inquiry Recommendations

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Today the Women and Equalities Select Committee released its report on its recent inquiry into transgender equality. The Inquiry heard written and oral evidence from trans individuals and organisations, including from Action for Trans Health, on various areas of life which affects trans people. Their report can be found here. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised… Read more »

Sheffield Activist Training Day

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Action for Trans Health are teaming up with Sheffield IWW to hold a training day in Sheffield. Jess Bradley from Action for Trans Health will be visiting Sheffield to deliver training for trans activists. Join us in learning about: – Campaigns planning and training – Setting up a group – Training people how to give… Read more »

Solidarity Actions with the Junior Doctor Strikes

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We know that the workplace conditions of healthcare professionals make up patients healthcare conditions. The new junior doctor contract represents a 30% real term pay cut to doctors salary. More than that though, it puts patients lives at risk by putting overworked and overtired doctors in charge our lives. [The BMA / junior doctors strikes… Read more »

Alternative Trans Day of Remembrance 2015 Manchester

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Join us to remember those we have lost from transphobic violence, discrimination and harassment. Organised by trans people, for trans people (although respectful cis allies are welcome). Please bring candles with jam jars to hold them in, and flowers if you can afford them. We will be collecting donations to cover the cost of putting… Read more »

Solidarity Fund Now Open for Applications

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Our solidarity fund is now open for applications. The deadline for applications is the 15th November 2015. Who can apply? We are offering small grants for to help UK based trans and intersex people access healthcare. Any trans, cure nonbinary, intersex or otherwise gender nonconforming person based in the UK can apply. We have a… Read more »

Upcoming: Activist Training Day and AGM

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Join Action for Trans Health for an exciting weekend of activist training, adiposity plotting, and networking with awesome trans activists. On the 21st Nov we will be having an activist training day: learn about organising for democratic healthcare, taking direct action, healthcare advocacy, and more… including an open mic night in the evening. On the… Read more »

Around the Toilet / Postcards for Toilet Campaigns

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Are you campaigning for a gender-neutral toilet in your school, campus or workplace? Against closures to public toilets in your town-centre? For you workplace to improve the accessibility of its toilets? You’re in luck. Recently Action for Trans Health has collaborated on the Around the Toilet project, with campaigners from the Greater Manchester Coalition of… Read more »