#ReclaimNHS: Contact the NHS Junior Doctor Contract Helpdesk

Democratic Healthcare for All: #ReclaimNHS

As workers, junior doctors deserve better. As patients, carers, and service users, we deserve a NHS staffed by clinicians who are not exhausted and overworked but with the necessary space and focus to see us not as symptoms but as people. The contract is being imposed but we can fight back and #ReclaimNHS. It just so happens that NHS Employers, the people in charge of imposing the contract, have handily provided an email helpdesk over at juniordoctors@nhsemployers.org to answer questions about the new contract. We suggest that we all make use of this handy service to ask questions regarding the contract imposition. Some sample questions might include:

– How can you justify the imposition of the junior contract when 99% of British Medical Association members rejected any new contract which would extended working hours in such a way which endangered patient’s welfare?;

– The NHS has widespread staffing problems. The imposition of the junior doctor contract has had a direct impact in a reduction of applications to medical schools. Why are we stretching already overworked junior doctors instead of investing in recruitment and training to fill any shortfalls?;

– The junior doctor contract represents a de-skilling of NHS workers and a way of squeezing more work out of already over-stretched staff. Against a backdrop of privatisation, the contract seeks to make the NHS more attractive to private companies who are snapping up public assets to squeeze a profit. How can this be justified whilst still upholding the principles of a public NHS which is free at the point of access as outlined in the NHS Constitution?

Please email juniordoctors@nhsemployers.org with your questions and concerns about the junior doctor contract and privatisation before the helpline closes on the 13th April. Email the above questions, ask your own, or even send pictures of your cats. Share the facebook event. Share it on twitter. Ask your mum. Ask your gran. Together we can fight back. Together we can #ReclaimNHS.